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  1. Bonds bonds and bonds

    05/07/07 11:59:36 | 0 Comments

    Well it appears that for 2008 we may have a new venue for HS playoffs in the Northern Regions. According to the Petoskey News the district is asking for a 20 million dollar athletic complex to be built. This complex will be around 4000 in capacity with a good 8 lane track and infill turf. So if this gets passed it will host a multitude of events over the next few years. I doubt anybody in that region will be able to put something like that together except for Traverse City. If this gets...
  2. Another Search

    05/06/07 23:57:49 | 0 Comments

    Well I guess I should have done a better job searching last night. In anycase I was able to dig up some more info. RIght now Muskegon Oakridge has begun work on thier new infilled turf field. Grand Rapids Christian is going to be installing thier turf this year as well along with thier new stadium. So another day another update. I guess this makes it 4 I think for this year. What will the remainder of this year bring is anybody's guess.

    BTW if anybody finds out who is doing...
  3. Doing some searches

    05/05/07 13:44:21 | 0 Comments

    Doing some work to get ready for the football season. First is I got some info about the new stadium Grand Haven is building. I read that it will hold around 6,000. I figure this puts them inline with Hudsonville and Jenison for size. Not bad but not in the same size as East Kentwood. As for the comments done by the School Board, they just said it is better than EGR but frankly any OK Red school could get better than EGR.

    Of course it looks like Dearborn Fordson has gone with...
  4. Stadium site updates

    05/04/07 03:53:57 | 0 Comments

    I plan on using this for my updates on my stadium site.